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Expand Your Dreams. Build a New World.

Visualise and Print in 3D. At a Cafe Close to your Heart.

In just the last few years, 3D printing is a dream realised. Welcome to the world of 3D.
3D printing has emerged as a creative, cost effective, competitive and exciting solution for individuals and businesses. 3D printing is ideal for small and medium prototyping and experimenting with different printing materials and colours.
Planet 3D+ brings two different worlds together. While you sip coffee and bite into a muffin, you can explore a world in three dimensions.
Architects, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Students, You and I live in a multi-dimensional world. A world which brings new possibilities every day. Planet 3D+ helps you bring to life your everyday dreams.
3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing is a quick method to print prototypes or full colour objects directly from digital files. Printing is generally done from a CAD (Computer Aided Design) in different file formats, most popularly .stl files. 3D scanning enables you to make replicas of common objects or even yourself.
Working on a large commercial project that need to ideate and experiment? Planet 3D+ will sync with industrial printing establishments to help you decide quickly and speed up the project.

3D Services

A New 3D Vision.
We help you Build the Form to your Imagination.
Yours to Touch and Feel.
We Promise you a New World.


Ours is a Cafe with a difference. A new experience every day. We bring people together in a relaxed coffee shop atmosphere, where you can dream, design, discuss and transform your ideas into real 3D objects. Your menu for success is built into our Cafe.

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Come to us and you’ll find out how much we care and strive to make you cherish every moment of your experience.
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