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Entrepreneurial businesses thrive on ideas, passion and innovative business models. Planet 3D+ is a living example of bringing together people, food and business.
Our business model aims to bring the hi-tech world of 3D design and print services to your coffee table. Coffee, tea and a place where we have built an infrastructure for 3D printing solutions for creative people as well as complex business solutions.
Pentalumen Ltd. is a team of entrepreneurs behind this mission of reaching out to people who want to experience the possibilities of contemporary 3D technology in an ambience that provides relaxation and food for the body and soul. We believe this is a unique opportunity for our stakeholders and our first store will open in Brighton, which houses a vibrant community of young entrepreneurs and upcoming business persons. The 3D Printing Cafe will be a Coffee Shop with immense other possibilities.
English pubs are a legend, but we are a pub with a difference…. “Pub” as part of printing and publishing. Where enthusiasts ranging from entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, business persons and the 3D die-hard hobbyists can come together and pursue their passion.
Pentalumen Ltd. has also invested in a startup for building a service around music and art. Searching for Sound Ltd. ( owns The PAD, a live internet broadcast that showcases culture and the arts. An art studio/lounge offers a platform for performing artists to bring alive their talent through a combination of ideas, graphics, 3D models and animation, video walls and info graphics.
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