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How does a 3D printer work?

In simple terms, the software slices your CAD model into thousands of extremely thin slices and sends them one by one to print bottom to top layers to give you the end product. Technology has advanced so rapidly that at Planet 3D+ we can offer you advanced thermoplastic materials that yield high mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.


Design, Scan and Print

Scan me. Scan my favourites. Scan to Print.

Venice. Greece. Alaska. Petra. Home. Wedding. Selfies. Memories. Experiment with body scans. Why not send a little you to a friend or family member? Have a sentimental ornament you want to shared with your friend? Scan and replicate it and we can work to achieve an identical finish.
3D scanning is a great way to begin your journey into the 3D world. Try one for yourself and set up a business of commercial services of 3D printing of Etsy Jewellery, DIY projects or 3D models of people, events, conferences or generate interesting souvenirs, gifts and print-for-sale products.

Let's Get Technical

Create Your Desire

Our 3D printers can print using most design formats like .stl, .obj, .ply, .wrl. In addition, we offer file conversion services and professional help to make sure your file is compatible to the 3D printer, saving you time, effort and costs. You can use .gcode files to give a command for printing where the software cuts the model into slices and calculates the amount of material for extrusion. Planet 3D+ printers have several features such as single and dual extrusion, multi-material and multi-colour 3D printing.
Planet 3D+ printing machines use FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) or FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology that builds your model by heating and extrusion. Simple to use with friendly features, our printers can print with new age materials like PLA, ABS and biodegradable plastic as filament material. Even edible stuff, if you like.
Planet 3D+ printers also use light polymerised printing that uses SLA (Stereolithography) or DLP (Digital Light Processing) technologies using photopolymer as filament material.
The end result is an accurate, strong, durable and perfectly matched product that will surprise you.
Do and redo. Test and build. Learn or teach. Work or relax. 3D printing offers it all.

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